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soft-locked after last level (had to reload the game just to get back to the menu)

Do you know at which point it locked up? We only have 3 levels, but now that I think about it, we never put a check in the continue button after you win. So right after beating the last level, if you press the continue button it probably attempts to load level 4, which doesn't exist, and crashes the app. I can update this after the end of the month when judging for the game jam is over.

It was either when the next-level dialog popped up, or when I clicked the next-level arrow.

So, yeah, I think it may be a can't-load-level-4 crash.

Cool, thanks for your input! By the way, considering you played until the last level, can I get your feedback on what you liked/didn't like?

it was a bit too easy for dots not part of the line you were making/following to trigger and it was also a bit too easy to lose contact with the line one was following.

Thanks for the feedback!