Play as Drake as you literally collect bands of cash.  Each level you must collect the required amount of bands to proceed, but watch out for phones and people sleeping. Remember, you've been in the crib with the phones off... You've been at the house taking no calls... You ain't trippin, let 'em sleep. You will not beat the last level.


  • Arrow Keys or WASD to move Drake
  • SPACE or ENTER to start a level
  • SPACE/ENTER/R to retry a level
  • BACKSPACE or ESC to go back a screen or exit a level


The Android version of the game doesn't have controls, so you must move Drake using the accelerometer. Treat Drake like a marble in a maze to beat this harder version of the game.


10 Bands - Desktop 11 MB
10 Bands - Android 6 MB

Install instructions

Jar: As long as you have a minimum of Java 7 installed, running the jar file should be sufficient.

Android: You must change your app security settings to allow installation of "Unknown Sources." Upon installation, some newer phones ask if you want to adjust this setting automatically, but some will result in a "Parse Error" if you do not already have this option set.

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