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Adventure through Doggo Island as Juno, the Siberian Husky! An evil Grue has locked your furry friends up in cages, and it's up to you to save them. Journey through four areas to rescue over 100 pups, becoming a Husky Hero!

You will explore over 36 levels, each consisting of 3 lost dogs and a hidden bone. Every trapped dog requires some skill or knowledge to rescue. The more dogs you find, the more levels you can unlock.

There's lots of scary monsters trying to stop you from protecting your friends, but your bark blast will mow them down! We've included multiple costumes for you so you can fight in style.

Juno can't jump, so you'll be traversing levels by bouncing on springs. Don't worry, these trampolines are challenging, but fun!

A checkpoint option makes recovering from death much more bearable. Turn it OFF in the settings to make the game more challenging!


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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JJ-1.0.0.jar 41 MB


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Just a heads up: seems like this only runs with Java 8, or at least it wouldn't start with my default Java 17.

Lovely palette and overall feeling, and very pretty music.  Feels more like a puzzle game than a platformer, too (which is fine by me!), though the springs launch you fast enough that sometimes the execution is tricky.

Love having a bark button.  I use it all the time even when I don't need it  :)

Very charming, well done!  I think my only real critique would be that, generally, pixel art games try to keep all the pixels the same size  :)